How Windows Virtual Desktop supports remote working?

Due to the global health crisis, the world has changed drastically in the past few months. Many people and organizations are working remotely for the first time. Work from home nowadays has many challenges for delivering apps and data to remote users for organizations. Data security and productivity are some of the biggest concerns for organizations. Going forward we will discuss some of the challenges faced by the organizations and how to overcome these challenges by providing specific solutions for remote working.  

In the current scenario, Windows Virtual Desktop is one of the go-to response plans for the organizations. Windows Virtual Desktop provides improved security compared to conventional virtual desktops. In this article, we will focus on using the different features of the Windows Virtual Desktop, Windows 10 multi-session, and Office 365, which not only boosts productivity in the team but also keeps the data secure.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Based on Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop provides desktop and app virtualization services. The virtual desktop infrastructure delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, and support for Remote Desktop Environment and even Office 365 ProPlus. One can connect to the Windows Desktop based on their profile from Windows Desktop, Web, Android, and iOS or macOS client.

Securing Windows Virtual Desktop

Data protection and compliance are paramount in remote work set-up. Windows 10 multi-session, available in Windows Virtual Desktop, allows multiple users to the same host. This is similar to Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server and has a client operating system that offers compatibility with applications and good performance. This eliminates the necessity of assigning physical desktops to specific users. It uses host resources more efficiently and reduces cost and complexity.

Licensed Windows Virtual Desktop and Office 365 allow enabling Conditional Access and multi-factor authentication. MFA has proven to block almost 99.9% of account hacking attempts, enhancing security. The free version of MFA can be used when necessary licensing is not available, but for accessing Conditional Access one requires Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 or Azure AD P1. Enabling these features does not take long and greatly increases security. There are various other features within Microsoft 365 that enhance security. Some of them are Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Sentinel.

Productivity Enhancements in Windows Virtual Desktop

During the past, Windows Virtual Desktop may not operate efficiently within Office 365, its software, and Office Pro Plus. But now Microsoft has taken several steps to ensure that its different client applications like OneDrive and Outlook can run successfully. There are improvements made in its built-in logic where Outlook inbox syncs content prior to Calendar to get earlier access to work emails. Another improvement is to Office 365’s Microsoft Teams, which is also optimized to ensure your work has a negligible interruption. These enhancements are the key to providing a smooth remote working environment.

Boosting Productivity with Windows Virtual Desktop

We addressed the common myths of Office 365 and its services running on the Windows Virtual Desktop. Now we’re going to see how companies can build on this scalable, secure solution to ensure productivity.

One way to improve productivity is to concentrate on Office 365’s shared real-time functionality, such as exchanging documents. You can exchange documents via OneDrive for Business, by browser, or by synchronizing the client installed within the Windows Virtual Desktop Host case, rather than via Outlook email.

Another method is to allow group collaboration with your peers quickly via the Microsoft Teams. This enables users to exchange group documents and also leverages continuous and one-to-one chat features to ensure that there is no missing key interaction. The built-in metrics inside Office 365 can also be used by users to gain valuable insights into how workers use these technologies. There are various in Office 365 adoption packs and Workplace Analytics tools available for the users. These give leaders and managers the opportunity to see how best to improve the awareness of the software of end-users and provide tailored interactions to allow more efficient and collaborative work.

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