Large eCommerce signs up for Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Customer Challenge

The Retail company was struggling with a cloud business management solution over AWS that could not properly right-sized instances. The organization had to perform static and manual analysis to right-size instances, which was time consuming. It took the organization around 55 days to analyze just 15% of entire infrastructure.

Large eCommerce signs up for Cloud Cost Optimization with Tesseract Global

About Customer

Organization Size
          Approx. 800 employees

Public Cloud Size
          Approx. 920 AWS instances

Public Cloud Cost Reduction
with Tesseract Global

Monthly Amazon Web Services
Saving with Tesseract Global
        $ 32000

Our Solution:

Within one day, Our Cloud experts analyzed the server workload of several weeks. This process revealed both CPU performance risks and scope of right-sizing. Some of the AWS instances were too small and required additional additional resources to lower down performance issues. Cost saving of 35% equaling $32000 per month were achieved by downsizing 920 AWS instances. This analysis also revealed some of the services that were not compliant with organization policy and were driving up costs.

The Results

The organization now has got their cloud environment optimized, and has insight visibility into what services are being consumed. The customer is now experiencing drastically saving monthly AWS expense and their environment is now compliant with their corporate policies.

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