Professional Enterprise Security Services

Tesseract Global protects your business against an endless stream of cybersecurity threats, building a better security posture to be security compliant. It takes more than just a tool, a dedicated service, and support that makes the best use of your business security technology stop threats in their tracks. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you take complete use of the breakthrough technology available for your needs.

  • Firewall deployment & audit
  • VAPT 
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Web Application Security
  • Endpoint Security 
  • SIEM

What we offer

Enterprise Security Solutions

Our experts use automated and exhaustive manual security testing to identify vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications using standards such as OWASP and SANS.

Risk Assessment

With our multi-domain expertise, we perform penetration testing for SaaS application, mobile application, server, database, and even on-premise platform

Compliant Audit

With our multi-platform expertize, ensuring product deployment, customization and external service or solution integration.

Email Security

Our defense-in-depth approach to uncover hidden vulnerabilities of OS, Network/Security devices, Database with a process of setting collection, analysis, report submission till after support.

Endpoint Security

Post-attack, even a single second is critical, our incident response team covers data breach investigation, online financial fraud, and other malicious attempts.

Data Loss Prevention

Security and Compliance go hand in hand, our certified security experts work with enterprises to comply with PCI DSS, IS) 27001 and HIPPA certifications.


Take advantage of industry-leading security expertise

Cybersecurity Capabilities


Aligning security program with the banking and financial service objectives.


Managing cybersecurity risk and proactive vulnerability program to meet aviation InfoSec standards.


Designing and managing cybersecurity framework with industry experts to comply with IT standards.


Managing security program for eCommerce. Offline store network, supply-chain system.

Why choose Tesseract Global

Vendor Neutrality

No more standard product, we focus on the best-suited solutions for our customers.

Trusted Partner

With hundreds of critical projects, we are now trusted by leading enterprises across the industry.

Privacy and Exclusivity

Maintaining client information securely, and it is returned after project completion.