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The Challenge

The customer was trying to go beyond just PCI DSS compliance management and was struggling to reduce their risk posture. After the GAP analysis, CISO had come up with an additional 38 case studies which were difficult to accomplish with their 5 years old ATT Alien Vault solution and hence, the planned for IBM QRadar however, they were struggling to find an experienced partner to deploy and install all these case studies.

The Solution

Tesseract Global SOC Consultants are experts at Installation, Integration and best practice consulting. Our QRadar certified specialists helped in aggregating events and flow to alleviate multipoint incident handling issues. .

The Benefits

Reduced number of malicious attacks from foreign countries and seamless incident management & investigation from QRadar’s:

  • Advance Data Analysis
  • Monitoring system setting and rules
  • Enhanced reporting practices

How can we help you?

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