Singapore based Crypto Exchange company - Blockchain Infrastructure Deployment

Blockchain Deployment

Customer Challenge

The company provides digital currency exchange platform, supporting to multi-currency with millions of concurrent users. The company struggled to design an infrastructure to scale with an intermittent spikes in the transaction flow, resulting to several connection retry, loss of requests and customer dissatisfaction.

Singapore based Crypto Exchange company signs up for Tesseract Global


Total Users
           50,000 Users

Concurrent / Peekhour Users
            3000 / 12,000

Cost Saving after AWS
            40% a month

Our Solution:

Our team of Cloud experts analyzed the entire environment and planned to make use of Amazon auto-scaling with our DevOps expertise. To fulfil the random spikes of transactions flow, the loadbalancer was integrated with synchronised timers. Some of the core technologies are mentioned below:

  • AWS IAM, Network and Application loadbalancer
  • AWS EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, REDSHIFT
  • CloudWatch, CloudTrailAWS CodeStar, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy

The Results

By Moving from an on-premises physical environment to AWS,
they are benefited with:

  • Ready to users demand
  • OpEx saving
  • Automated infrastructure
  • Overall system agility and Improved response time

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