The need of the hour…CyberSecurity

The need of the hour...CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity as a whole is a very wide concept. There are various aspects when one dives into the same. It is shocking to know that only 5% of the organisations folders are protected according to Varonis.

It’s a practice to protect unauthorized access to your valuable information whilst protecting your networks, softwares, devices. Cyber attacks are typically initiated to extort money from victims (individuals or organizations) or to interrupt the wonted operations of a business. Unfortunately, the processes of initiating cyber attacks have been evolving continuously and the hackers are finding interesting ways of click baiting people and luring them into clicking the phishing emails, messages, links, etc.

According to University of Maryland, on an average hackers attack every 39 seconds, that makes it 2,244 times a day.

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has encouraged internet crooks to invest far more time and sincere efforts to violate the internet space with assorted activities which can prove to be fatal when it comes to businesses. This is where a professional cybersecurity company comes into picture. These varying techniques of disrupting any businesses can be easily avoided by following standardized protocols set by these cybersecurity companies which deals with such types of challenges day in and day out and know the mindset of the hackers when they plan on planting an attack.

Tesseract Global is an enterprise security service provider which aims to monitor threats and responses 24×7. A few other virtuosity includes:

  •  Disaster Recovery using virtual machine backup and replication of various applications like SAP HANA, Oracle Database & Microsoft dynamics applications low RTO & RPO.
  • Act as a Data Center for safely sharing crucial data to anyone includes third party vendors and identifying vulnerable users within seconds protecting the information.
  • Leveraging Cloud Security Solutions for smoother functioning of the organizational verticals which includes designing cloud services, migration of cloud services, cloud management & storage solutions.
  • Providing CyberSecurity to organizations against the never ending cyberthreats which dawdle over businesses and patiently wait for the opportunity to make a strike.

A cyber threat is not a phenomenon, there is always an active threat which is looming on every business and that too at any given day and time. The most valued asset of any organization is its invaluable data which has to be protected, for this, a sincere and a collaborated effort from the professionals is necessary to safeguard the jewels of the organization at any cost. A threat will not be a threat if you are ready to face it.

Let us all incline towards our digital data and seek essential steps towards securing it and letting it get into the wrong hands.

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