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Blockchain Consulting

Customer Challenge

A Dallas based passionate startup wanted to implement blockchain based DDoS attack protection solution. Their endeavour was to develop a high capacity, scalable, faster and decentralized application to defend organization’s cloud infrastructure from enormous DDoS attack, including volume base attacks, protocol attacks and application layer attacks.

US based Cybersecurity Startup signs up for Tesseract Global Blockchain Consulting


          DDoS Protection

          1 Tbps

Blockchain used

Other Tools used
        Truffle, Ganache,
        Ethereum Remix

Our Solution:

Our team of Blockchain experts analyze the entire requirement and started designing the platform architecture with possible attack scenarios. Our team decided to choose Ethereum blockchain to fulfil the scalability and programming capability. Our Cyber security experts joined hands together to deliver the final solution and used following technologies.

  • Ethereum Blockchai
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Ethereum Remix


By making our move to Ethereum Blockchain, our Blockchain experts have successfully developed stable and flexible smart contract to defend organizations from DDoS attacks.

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